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This website is dedicated to promoting early tactile literacy among blind and severely visually impaired children in their preschool years, and for emerging Braille readers.

I believe that there are many families, teachers, and friends who would like to help make tactile literacy available to the blind children in their lives, but who do not know where to start. The books and materials I make for my students are designed to support their unique learning style as tactile learners, to make them interested in stories and want to explore books for themselves.

In this web space you will find directions for making your own books, ideas you can use to create interesting and attractive tactile books and other materials for your child, and links to other resources and ideas.

There are information pages about making tactile books, with guidelines and the reasoning behind these; there are idea pages with examples of concepts books, story books, and theme books – with step-by-step directions for making your own; finally, there are pages with suggestions for how to use tactile materials in a preschool, linking these to other activities that support early education concepts.

Check it out, be creative, make it yours!